quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Toalha xadrez.

                          Este ponto, muita gente deve lembrar, o bordado nas toalhas xadrez,lembro
                          meu tempo de escola...muito bom !!!!
This is a broder design.  I want it to have a very lacy effect, and so, will use  two strands of thinner perle cotton thread. The key will help me to decode the stitches onthe graph and use them on the gingham cloth. Each cell in the graph is like each cell on the cloth.
chicken_scratch_3Cross stitch:It is always better to begin any design with the outer stitches or outlines. So, I begin the border design by doing the cross stitch. I will be doing the cross stitch over the darkest cell.
chicken_scratch_4Double cross stitch:I begin filling up the inner part of the border with the double cross stitch. The filling is done only over the darkest cell.
chicken_scratch_5Woven circle:The legs of the cross stitch provides good anchors to make a woven circle.
I make two rounds of circle, each time. This gives a bolder, more embossed look. 
chicken_scratch_6Woven oval:I weave ovals with the diagonal stitches of the double cross stitch as the anchors I make the ovals only in the white cells.

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